September 20, 2019

Global Book Alliance in Action to Address Access to Reading Materials

EDC has been selected as USAID’s implementing partner in the Global Book Alliance in Action (GBAIA) project. Over two years, EDC will work with USAID and other donors, ministries, the private sector, and communities to support the Global Book Alliance (GBA) and others working to strengthen reading around the world by improving the book supply chain.

As a member of the GBA, USAID has issued the GBAIA task order to support the alliance’s work in ensuring that all learner have the books they need to learn to read. GBAIA will:

  • Increase the use of the Global Digital Library by USAID missions, partners, and other stakeholders
  • Evaluate the book supply chains in specific countries to improve access to and the use of reading materials
  • Build the capacity of GBA partners and other stakeholders to support the functioning of book supply chains
  • Provide technical assistance to the GBA secretariat, USAID missions, and country partners

Using the evaluation findings, GBAIA will hold workshops for ministries and educators in each of the selected countries, providing training and in-person coaching to address identified book production challenges. The activities of the GBAIA project will contribute to the improved flow of quality reading materials into the hands of young readers around the world.