EDC Launches Strategic Vision to Transform Together

Global nonprofit looks to respond to 21st century crises by advancing cross-cutting actions across education, health, and workforce development.

WALTHAM, MA – For more than six decades, EDC has worked with partners worldwide to advance every person’s journey to learn, work, and be well. To respond to the needs of today’s rapidly changing, uncertain world, the global nonprofit is launching a new strategic vision, Transform Together, that will guide the next chapter of the organization’s work and impact. This vision builds on the organization’s powerful social impact legacy while demonstrating greater ambitions to create equitable and lasting change.

“This vision, with an emphasis on the four cross-cutting goals we have set for ourselves, is the latest expression of that ability to adapt and work towards a more inclusive, equitable world.”
– Siobhan Murphy, EDC’s Interim President and CEO

Recognizing that today’s interconnected challenges need interconnected solutions, the vision lays out a path for the organization to meet its evolved goals. To implement this vision, EDC is tapping its interdisciplinary strengths and focusing on solutions that champion people and strengthen systems to ensure communities thrive in this moment—and beyond.

Cross-Cutting Ambitions

The heartbeat of this vision is four cross-cutting ambitions that address critical needs across education, health, and economic development. The goals align with and extend EDC’s ongoing work and program areas while building on the organization’s expertise and network of practitioners and partners around the world.

Over the coming years, EDC will work toward a world where:

  1. Children have quality education and care in their crucial early years.
  2. People have the skills, agency, and resilience to flourish in a changing world.
  3. Teachers and education systems are equipped to meet the ever-changing needs of learners.
  4. Everyone’s well-being is enhanced by safe environments, quality health care, and nurturing relationships.

“As the world changes, EDC continues to adapt and meet the unique needs of the moment,” said Siobhan Murphy, EDC’s Interim President and CEO. “This vision, with an emphasis on the four cross-cutting goals we have set for ourselves, is the latest expression of that ability to adapt and work towards a more inclusive, equitable world.”

A New Dynamic Visual Identity

Supporting this strategic vision is a new visual identity for EDC that reflects the organization’s deep commitment to co-creation and collaboration and embodies its long-standing approach to partnership and local leadership. The new logo at the core of this visual identity  communicates many aspects of our shared purpose:

  • A repeating square shape references pattern blocks, an educational tool first invented by EDC in 1963 and continues to be used in primary classrooms worldwide.
  • The logo’s arrangement of shapes in a circle evokes a sense of togetherness, building on visual themes from multinational collaboration
  • Within the logo, the space between the shapes forms a larger compass, signifying the Equity Systems Change Compass, a critical framework used by our projects for achieving equitable outcomes.
  • The bold shade of blue reflects the vibrancy of our work.
  • Our name is streamlined to “EDC” for simplicity, and “.ORG” underscores our role as a nonprofit.


A better world is possible when we transform it together.

EDC is proud to share more about its innovative programs and to continue to partner with like-minded changemakers to create meaningful impact.

“When we act together, we have the power to shape a future where every community can thrive,” said Murphy. “We’re asking our collaborators—past, present, and future—to embrace this opportunity with us and ignite a path forward that responds to today's interconnected needs.”

Explore EDC’s 2024–2026 Strategic Vision here.