In collaboration with District 75 Citywide Programs, New York City Department of Education, EDC conducted a rigorous study of Structured Methods in Language Education (SMiLE), a highly structured, multisensory reading program that provides students with significant cognitive disabilities who are non- or beginning readers with the skills to access authentic text, become readers, and move toward greater independence. The study demonstrated that the SMiLE program had a positive and significant effect on reading skills for students with significant cognitive disabilities. Few studies of literacy programs for students with significant cognitive disabilities have been done with such a large sample size, and the positive results, particularly for reading sub-tests, indicate that SMiLE can be effective for this student population.

For more information about obtaining the SMiLE materials, visit the Stoelting Co. website.

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Caroline E. Parker, Sarah MacGillivray, Becca Schillaci, Raizy Reider (District 75), Lauren Katzman (Arizona State University)
2 pp